Stay focus, Ujjayi and PRATYAHARA!

I’m starting to understand my body movement better after every YTT training. I can feel improvements as compared to my first day of YTT. My flexibility got better, although I think I might have pulled my hamstrings slightly in the first two weeks. Endurance for standing sequences has improved tremendously, especially the warrior asanas. I used to tremble a lot in the standing sequence and I’m always the first to get out of the pose. Even the ladies can hold longer than me! So embarrassing! Although I’m still trembling most of the time now, I’ve learnt to use Ujjayi breath to sustain a little longer. I realized that I usually take 3 to 4 sessions to get stabilized in certain asanas. My new challenge now is doing Warrior 3 with my arms stretch forward. I want to be able to teach all the 84 asanas and their variations. One fine day all the asanas will truly be easy and comfortable pose to me.

Loving the challenge so far! Stay focus and PRATYAHARA!

Nelson Tay