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Strugglin’ (1/6)

What always prevented me from enrolling for a Yoga Teacher Training were my body’s natural limitations. “I’m not flexible enough”, “I can’t do Vrishchika (or any other insta-worthy pose) yet”… All excuses!

I understand what it means to be a good Yoga teacher and that is certainly not being able to do every funky pose in the world. It is about knowing how to help students get into a pose, work on poses, build up strength and work on the mind. All this verbally and physically through adjustments. Also it is about seeing people, as well as understanding different body types and most importantly different needs. With the help of Jessica I am on my way to getting there and I am more than happy about it.

Looking back, I realize it was myself holding me back. I used to think that the teacher “must” be able to do every pose herself/himself. She/he should impress me as a student to earn my respect and admiration. This is wrong on so many levels.

Today I can appreciate different kinds of teachers for different styles of Yoga teaching. What impresses me most is the energy that a teacher brings across. I personally benefit most from a Yoga class, when the teacher spreads energy and positivity. There is definitely no need for flexibility to do that.

Flexibility will most likely always be my struggle and something for me to work on and I am fine with that. Happy to gain and achieve little by little. Yoga is a journey and right now I am full speed in it.