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Success is a journey, not a destination: Titus

I felt more confident; however, I wasn’t confident about my abilities, but I am now confident
in accepting my limitations and flaws.


We started to practice Pincha Mayurasana. Most of my batch mates could hit the pose;
however, I have difficulty tucking my tailbone when inverted. This resulted in me having an
arched back that affected my balance. I was frustrated, such an easy task of tucking in the
tailbone, and I simply couldn’t do it when inverted. However, this frustration did not stay for
long. I reminded myself to embrace my issues and continue to work on my limitations.


When I am writing this post, I am still unable to get into the pose fully. However, I no longer
feel frustrated, and in fact, I am comfortable with my progress, and I believe I will correct my
issues eventually get into the pose.


This week’s highlight wasn’t hitting any new or sexy poses, but instead, it was observing how
I could get into poses with greater ease.

What has yoga taught me: “Progression over Perfection.”


200HR YTT May’21 Weekday