Support, adjust and realign.

We got down into supporting, adjusting and realigning our classmates. Before getting into any physical contact it is important to get a verbal agreement from all students to protect ourselves from being accused of molestation. This verbal agreement also gives me more confidence in supporting the students in a professional way.

We have to teach our classmates three sets of Surya Namaska A&B. We have to give breathing cues, verbal and physical adjustments. I lost count of the number of sets because I was too focused in giving the right cues and appropriate adjustments. I made a few mistakes of calling the wrong asana names. It was a really good experience to teach and lead our peers to have a closer experience to leading a real class. So many factors to consider when it comes to leading a class, the way we lead, stand, talk, adjust our students and manage our time. We will also need to be really flexible with our sequence based on our student proficiency level.


Nelson Tay