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Sylvia: Oct 10-11 Weekend – Space

A notion that is dominant in yoga is this idea of creating space – space between your bones, between your limbs… all
this space for you to move. It’s also space in the mind, or what we might call an open mind – this is space for you to
think, to create, to know. There is also space in the heart – this is room for you to feel, to love, and for compassion.

Space transcends every aspect of our lives, every dimension, because for space created, there is space lost.

All this new space I have in my mind craves for more learnings and knowledge about yoga – I lose fear and negativity,
a. The space in my heart extends to new and beautiful friendships – I lose hate and indifference. The space in my
body wants more movement, fluidity and to overcome challenges – I lose rigidity and idleness.

But is space always good? Should we be giving others our space? Is there such thing as too much space? Come in
boundaries. Boundaries are the parameters of our space – and we should know where to place them to protect us
from those who might want to take advantage of our space. It is often a long and hard journey through trial and error
that we learn what is the optimal balance between space and where too extension could be to our own detriment. This
journey, or discover, is also yet another extension of space, but perhaps another in another dimension – space in
terms of time.

For all this space, strive let in something beautiful. When that can no longer be the case, there are always boundaries.

RYT200 Aug’20 Weekend