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Sylvia: Oct 17-18 Weekend – Somewhere only we know

This weekend marks the 2 nd last weekend of our YTT course. This weekend was a bit or teaching, some observation and a
whole lot of bonding. I have never felt closer to this beautiful group of ladies – their stories, their personalities, what they
like, what they fear…it has all really started to come through. To all you girls who are reading this, I am sorry it took me so
long to connect with you all, to let my guard down, to not be as much of a bitch as my RBF indicates.

Your friendships, kind words and constant encouragement really touches me deep – and I just hope I have been able to
do the same for you, in some way. As the end draws closer, I don’t want us to ever forget this process, this journey, this
state of mind and place in time we are in now – somewhere only we know. I have learnt so much from every single one of
you, and admire so many things about each and everyone of you – determination, honesty, wit, generosity, courage, kind-
heartedness, and many more. Thank you for letting me get to know you.

Sincere gratitude for Jessica and Alexis, for their time, their guidance, unending patience and encouragement. Jessica, I
won’t ever forget your misty eyes when I managed to go down during that shoulder rotation drill. Thank you, truly, for
always making us laugh and your care for us. Namaste.

RYT200 Aug’20 Weekend