T Minus Two Weeks Remaining!

Two weeks left to fill my brain with yoga knowledge. With completing nearly all my lesson plans and having practiced teaching on numerous occasions in class, i can feel myself getting more and more familiar with yoga poses and transitions in order to make the sequence run smoothly. I really enjoy creating my own yoga sequences and building my confidence in teaching them. I feel very confident getting hands on with my student (class mates) in aligning them properly and helping them deepen there practice.

My most resent topic i have learnt about is the skelatal joint movements, i had learnt about this when i had completed my Beauty Therapy NVQ and find it fascinating, deepening my knowledge and using the terms for yoga positions. Being able to remember all these terms will be a great achievement for me, as when i qualify as a teacher, it will be great to pass others the knowledge that i have been taught.
The Lymphatic System is another subject i have recently been taught, and being a big fan on science, i found it highly interesting learning about how to include lymphatic drainage positions into yoga classes.