Sadly excited

Can’t believe today is our last YTT day. Sad to suddenly realised I won’t be seeing these girls often soon. Hope we all still be in touch after YTT. SO HAPPY that exams over. So excited for tomorrow. Praying hard that all of us will be graduating tomorrow. Now going home to pray HARDER ???? […]

Final jitters to the MAX

Going to have to teach the last practical teaching class to fellow trainees tomorrow at 8 am. Then follow by asanas and theory exams. Can’t remember how many zillion years ago I had to study for an exam. Really feel this old brain is hanging on thin spider web thread. Woke up with a very […]

Dvidasana at 43 ?

When I told my friends that I was going to take 200 hours YTT, some were shocked and some thankfully supported me and applauded me to even dare to do it at 43. When I told my mum, she thought that I was nuts to even think about it. Nevertheless, I registered and now I […]

First practical teaching class

Had my first practical teaching class on Monday. Was already a super kancheong spider to start with. Invited some friends to join the class. Mixed feeling of blessed to have many friends supporting me, and kinda train wrecked to have all my yogi mentors as my students in my ever first teaching session. So stressed […]

Deeply grateful ❤️

will be forever grateful for all the knowledge I gained in the past 5 weeks. Thank you my teacher Jessica Sinclair. To know my own body better than ever. To have more control of my mind and emotion. Thank you for believing in me when even I didn’t think I would made it this far. […]


Finally…… After countless fallen crow, today I can do a very proud crow. With extra bonus, teddy bear pose and tripod headstand. Went home with bad bruised arms. Hubby asked if I went wrestling today. All pains totally worth it. YES ??????✌? Lily@TheYogaMandala200HrsYTT