Translating lessons from the mat into real life

This follows on from my last post about being patient about yoga poses. I can safely say that I am less fussed about not being able to nail yoga poses because that I know with practice and patience, I will eventually get the pose. Why can’t I translate this lesson to off the mat? How […]

Reflecting on YTT

YTT has been an absolute journey – physically and mentally. I remember the first week of YTT – my body had never been pushed so much physically before. It was well worth it though, as I started making breakthroughs after breakthroughs. I never imagined that I would improve so much so quickly, but it goes […]

YTT Teaching Week

YTT teaching week has come to a close and it has been the most memorable week of them all. Firstly, I don’t think I have ever subjected my body to such a level of physical intensity. I clocked 20 hours of yoga classes in the past 5 days, from attending my YTT classmates’ classes. Definitely […]

Patience and all is coming

Being one of the considerably more seasoned practitioners in my YTT course has given me the rare opportunity to teach my fellow YTT classmates about certain poses. Rare because I hardly consider myself as advanced in any way! One day after YTT we were working on asanas, and someone got frustrated because she wasn’t strong […]

Should we bend our knees in Uttanasana?

I was teaching my Dad Surya Namaskar A in preparation for teaching week. As I know he is super inflexible, when it came to Uttanasana I just rattled off on autopilot, “bend your knees until your belly touches your thighs”. He asked, why? I knew the answer had something to do with lengthening the spine. […]

Yamas and Niyamas

The practice of apariagraha is of non-hoarding, of non-attachment. Its not only material things that we let go of though, but it also about ideas, people and places that we hold on to, act possessively towards or hoard. This clinging onto something or someone is a barrier to freedom. This would probably be very applicable […]