Take flight or OM? ~ Kai Wai’s post 4/6

Our YTT journey has enabled us to learn, explore and experience many things beyond asanas. One of the distinct experiences was yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is a form of guided deep relaxation technique where the body is fully relaxed but the mind remains awake. It ventures into the sub-conscious state while relaxes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. There are many benefits of yoga nidra such as improve blood circulation as your body relaxes and blood vessels dilate for better flow, provides ‘nourishment’ to the nervous system as it brings the body to a parasympathetic state, enables better concentration with improved sleep etc. just to name a few. We had the opportunity to experience yoga nidra through our instructor’s guidance. I felt afresh after the session and it was amazing to know that such deep relaxation exists with no need for any equipment but only words!

We also did the chanting of 108 OMs. It sounded intimidating at first but I was pretty eager to try. I realised OM-ing gives me a sense of grounding and to my surprise, I did not even fidget which I normally would. The sound of OM vibrates through the body and to my finger-tips and like a burst of fresh energy that ignites from within. I would say that in times of stress, just OM a good 30 to 50 times to calm the mind. Worth a try.

As we proceed to teaching week, it became apparently on the teaching styles we each have. Some have the motherly touch (warm and fuzzy), some are friendly and causal and some are strong and steady. So, what is MY style? Style is something so unique and it depends on the individual’s energy. I started asking myself: What do I want my students-to-be to experience in my class? What will be the key take-away? I found the answers to be ‘safe practice’, ‘knowledge’ and (increased) ‘self-awareness’. I have attended good yoga sessions before and know exactly how it feels! I hope to provide the same good experience to my students. This is something to work on and that means I have to wander deeper into the arena of teaching – not something that comes naturally to me.

This week marks the beginning of our exams – both asanas and theory assessment. It is a time to put what we have learnt to a test and hopefully, we can breathe through them easily or we could also OM it off.

Leaving you with an aphorism from the Yoga Sutra which I find interesting, “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodhah” – mastering the fluctuation and activities of the mind. Let us all try to silent the busy thoughts, be present and stay focus. One breath at a time.

Till then, namaste.