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Even more than halfway through my yoga journey, i couldn’t imagine myself teaching in front of a class. Public speaking was just not my forte and i couldn’t imagine if my teaching voice will be suitable to be a yoga teacher. It was such a nerve wrecking experience that i felt as if i could pass out in the middle of the class any minute.

I was worried about getting my left and right confused. About giving verbal instructions and cues. My initial thought was i had to prepare in advance and try to memorise them to deliver it across to the class.

I was super nervous and missed out alot of details i could have included if i wasn’t so nervous. But as i taught my second class, it dawned on me that the fundamentals of teaching is sharing what i love and how i had learnt to execute the pose properly. I stopped preparing so intensely and work on delivering cues based on how i would execute the pose. I felt less nervous after teaching that way instead of the initial way i did.

Every class i taught during YTT was a never ending learning curve. I am so thankful for friends and colleagues who trusted in me and gave me the opportunity.

Melissa (YTT200 June 2018-August 2018)