Teaching is not easy

We’ve been practicing Sun Salutation since the first week, so I’m starting to get very comfortable with Sun A & Sun B. After we know the sequence, our teacher randomly called out our names and gave us a sun salutation to teach. I didn’t have my flow and Sanskrit memorized yet, but it’s good to said the cues out loud and watched the other teacher trainees actually do what I said. I’m glad I get to complete all the sequence but there is room for improvement.

After the first try teaching in verbal cues, Jessica announce that we are going to leading the class through the sun salutations, giving verbal cues and hands-on adjustments to the class one at a time. We are going to do the sequence while other teacher trainees is teaching. From that day onwards, I’m so nervous and keep repeating all the sequence and cues in my mind.

Finally, my turn came and I took my place at the front of the room. It felt amazing to people listening to my voice and doing the poses I was guiding them through. It’s very hard to focus on sequence, verbal cues, observing the class and give correction at the same time.

This was INTENSE though because for those not familiar with sequence, they can be pretty physically grueling, especially when you flow through all, with different people teaching. No worries friends, I still love you all! I ended sweaty, sore, but satisfied!

Teaching is not easy. I can’t seem to string the right words together. I still mix up my lefts and rights. I know it will take time and practice.

Teaching is fun. I was happy to discover that I really do loving teaching yoga as much as I love practicing.


Lee Yan Hui ( ig: leeh.yoga )