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Teaching my first class – Pei Xuan (3/6)

Teaching my first class, made my heart feel so full! I really never expected myself (ever) to actually have the courage to stand in front of so many people to actually talk; and let alone teach. (I am the kind of person who needs to hold a script during any sort of presentations even when i’m just doing an introduction..haha!) I was just so overwhelmed after teaching my first class!!! (in a good way!!!) and had so adrenaline and excitement running through me.

When i first signed up for YTT, I was, of course, keen on teaching and sharing something i really love to do! But I kinda doubted myself and kept having this internal self-talk (what’s new), doubting if I’ll actually be able to teach a real class for the YTT assessment/ by the end of that — The thought of it just seems quite daunting and surreal.

But over the course of the past months..here I am now!! Though I made a couple of slip-ups like fumbling on my words for some cues for some of the classes I conducted, each class is a learning experience and a stepping stone to becoming better and improving! And I don’t ever want to stop learning 🙂

I may have had many self-doubts at the beginning, but all those went away over the course of the weeks, under the wonderful guidance of Jess (with heaps of love, fun, and laughter! hehe) and the constant encouragement of my YTT mates. There were many things I may have doubted about myself during the start of YTT, but one thing’s for sure, I’ve never doubted my decision to do my YTT with The Yoga Mandala — it has been an experience and a journey which, I truly believe I will not be able to have elsewhere.


Pei Xuan 200HR Weekend YTT