Teaching sequence

I am nervous for this first time 1 hr teaching.I have to admit that I’m super slow in planning sequence. It takes half of my day to research new pose, how to give instructions in each pose, how to adjust the alignment and this is just the research part. Each pose has its benefits, so to plan a sequence or theme that aim for certain muscles group is quiet challenging.

It’s good that to know how to conduct a class with multilevel students. I love variation. Each pose has different variation. I need to figure out what are the pose I should give to beginner, intermediate, and advanced level student so it will be more challenge for those who already in advanced level. I have to keep changing my sequence to make sure its flow.

To make a good sequence is not easy. But I enjoy in this learning process because I know that the more I research and try out with different sequence, the flow will comes naturally. Hopefully I can come out with a sequence right on the spot in the future.


Lee Yan Hui ( ig: leeh.yoga )