Teaching Week Experience

This week was teaching week, where we prepared various 1-hour lesson plans to teach each other and friends that we invited to the studio. It was pretty nerve wrecking for me. This was something I’ve never done before in my entire life. Back when I was in poly, I had to do class presentations, but I don’t remember doing too well at it either. Yikes! But I guess everyone has to start somewhere. So this will be my starting point! Just gotta do my very best to keep it together as much as I can!

Teaching is like multi-tasking at the highest level. You need to keep track of left and right side during all the sequences, give verbal/physical alignments, count, keep track of time, remind people to breathe and where to feel the stretch and stuff all while trying to remember what is next on your carefully prepared lesson plan.

This week I had to teach on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday went really well, all the students that day were my YTT classmates and they were just perfect! Class went according to plan, everything was on time and I didn’t mess up my sequence at all, and I did my best to be heard as much as I can, using my diaphragm voice. Hehe. After that first class, I felt so happy and super encouraged to do the next one.

Wednesday I had 3 friends outside of YTT come to attend my class. It was still manageable. It went more or less according to plan but the level of teaching difficulty went up because they weren’t as seasoned as my YTT classmates, and teaching them in the same class felt different. No, it is not a bad thing, but I felt slightly rushed because suddenly I had a lot more adjustments to do and I still had to remember that there are other students in the class waiting for me and holding in the pose while I did the adjustment. It was a good exposure to different class situations. The take away from this is that I should always assess every student’s level of strength and flexibility and if they are able to do a peak pose at the end. If they are not able to, I should not help them into it for it could be dangerous. After the 2nd class, even though I made some mistakes here and there, I still think I held it together quite okay and took my feedback constructively.

Thursday though, I felt that didn’t do so well. I was rushed for time and I lost my focus and composure. I had someone coming in late while we have already started Ujjayi breathing, and the same student made monkey faces during warm up, and I think it really threw me off focus. Everything went downhill afterward. I forgot right leg or left leg first, then I ran out of time, then I had to completely skip so many things in my lesson plan. I was crushed! I think I was disappointed that he was late and was still not serious, and I was even more disappointed with myself that I couldn’t handle the situation well. At the end, I took it as a learning experience and I forgave him. I understand that, he probably didn’t mean it and it is his way of coping with uncomfortable situations. I must learn that these things do happen from time to time and I’m gonna meet so many different types of students next time so I just gotta practice more bhakti, allow myself to take it easy, and be able to bend to any situation.

The good thing is, everyone at TYM, especially my teacher and my classmates were all so encouraging and supportive that by the end of the day, I manage to muster up a smile and just shake it off and carry on! Really really great vibes, awesome energy and pure love in this cozy studio. My heart is so full and so grateful. <3



I.G: @yoga.with.joy