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Thank you, Jessica

I really appreciate it to have Jessica being my 200hr YTT yoga instructor. Firstly, a 200hr YTT theory class can be a really boring class with all the Sanskrits and plain definitions for them. Jessica made each Sanskrit more meaningful for us by giving examples and telling funny stories. Her theory class is never boring and lack of laughter. And as a result, all the theories stay in our mind with vivid stories linked to them. Secondly, her is very experienced in teaching yoga asanas. We are all amazed by Jessica in her asana class. She always has the confidence to say that, “you will be able to do the asana by simply follow my verbal instructions”. That applies to those poses that we think we are never able to achieve and those poses that we found difficult to get into. She could always give the key notes to perform each asana and we are just able to do it by simply following her instructions! I do not know how much time behind her teaching that she spent in practicing in order to have a good command of each poses. I also admire it that she could convey all her knowledge through words – accurate instructions ever! Lastly, she is very good at observation. Throughout the YTT, she discovered our body types, and explaining the advantages and weakness for each body type. It cannot be achieved without years on years experiences and observations of her students.

From Jessica’s class, we are leaning more than yoga and teaching yoga.

Ma Jiameng
RYT200 YTT February 2019 Weekend