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The 3 Gunas

Before my yoga training, I have to admit, my lifestyle was very bad. While I tried to eat healthy/organic meal everyday, the more I find myself eating the bad ones. Sure, I do exercise 3x a week or more but it was no use as my bad eating habits was a cycle I couldn’t stop. As a result, I ended up having a bad break out all over my face. It was a very bad experience for me and it affected my self-esteem. At that point in time, I knew I needed to do something — (1) to change my bad eating habits and (2) find effective exercise for my body and mind. After a long research, I decided to sign up for the Yoga certification class at Ihayoga.

When I started the course, my breakout was even worst. It has always been my ritual to conceal all my acne scars every time I leave the house, but in the training I let everyone see my bare-face. Eventually, I became comfortable without make up on. After learning the art of ‘’no make up on’’ confidence, it was also the time I learned the Gunas.

Gunas is the fundamental qualities or attitudes’ of the manifest energy. This 3 Gunas plays a very important part in the yogi diet. To increase vitality, health & energy, Sattvic food such as grains, corns, barley and wheat must be eaten. Rajasic food are those with strong spice and must be avoided as this over stimulate the body and mind; this cause restless state of mind. Lastly, tamasic food. Meat, fish & alcohol are tamasic in nature. They make a person dull, inert and lazy.

After understanding the 3 Gunas, I begun incorporating this diet to my everyday meal and also regular yoga exercise. After 2 weeks, I saw improvement on my face and slowly my acnes are clearing away. I was amazed on how it works wonder on my skin and I’m happy that my acnes are healing so fast!!

I started sharing this secret diet plan with my friends and how it would help them. Until today, this meal plan has been my everyday staple and I couldn’t wait for more wonderful changes it could happen in my life, both physically and mentally.

Being part of the Yoga training course at Ihayoga has been a life changer for me. Not only physically and mentally but also in managing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Today, through the certification training; my understanding about Yoga has grown deeper. There still so much to learn and I’m happy that I found the place where I want to myself to be.

Rola Angelica De Vera
IHAyoga student