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The electrifying feeling

I conducted my first yoga class two weeks back, and my last today. How electrifying it was , and how much I long to do it again.

As a yogi, we have a lot of demands for the studios we choose, the teachers we take lessons from, the flow of the sequencing. But have we paused to think about the amount of effort put into the planning, and the amount of consideration the instructor poured out for her students. I admit, before I took my YTT, I haven’t. But now, I have developed a greater appreciation for all the classes I’m going for, and about the makings of a good teacher. In essence, I learn, love for thyself and others. Only make others experience what you wish for yourself to, and allow them to take shortcuts by communicating what you tested and failed. I hope this formula will serve to make me better, and for others as well. Namaste.

Si Pei