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The End but not Really? – Shi Qi

The sixth and last stage of my YTT experience can be termed as “The End but not Really?”, which is
felt at the last few weeks of the YTT (I really managed to name them all, kudos to occupational hazard).
YUP, teaching weeks are here and along that comes with it are exams and graduation! Having
completed life’s first ever yoga teaching over Zoom, it is definitely an experience! Not just the
practicality of it because you never know how the restrictions are going to be like, but alas, the
preparation work that goes into a Zoom class is not any lesser than a physical class. Coupled with the
limitations of virtual teaching, it certainly trains you to be a clear and effective instruction deliverer.
As the number of COVID cases increase, virtual teaching has replaced physical teaching yet again!
While this serves to safeguard our safety, the fact that we are not seeing each other for two weeks is
not a welcoming thought (yes, overly attached much). Fingers crossed to be able to have graduation
day together!


As I move on to this stage, there is definitely a sense of goal achievement and feeling of progression
from Day One. However, all these comes along with this phenomenon of the “Arrival Fallacy” (worth
a google) whereby you have this illusion that you will achieve ultimate happiness when you reached
your goal. Sure, the thought of having weekends back for sleeping in or any other activities does
sounds pretty awesome but there is also this nagging thought that “hmmm, what am I going to be
doing during weekends from now on…..” The thought of having more time on hand is tempting but on
the other hand, I wonder when I will have such discipline and physical strength again… (**disclaimer:
just taking a lil break in between, not totally slacking yea). So yes, this concludes the six stages of my
YTT, as I have very much personally coined them. Namaste!


Shi Qi
200HR YTT Jul’21 Weekend