2/6 The feeling of 8 limbs of Yoga from Yama and Diyama – by Nancy

After last week lessons, I realise that yoga got so many theory knowledge to learn, I have learnt what is Yoga Nidra, 8 limbs of Yoga, 4 parts of Yoga etc, all new to me. Among of these, I am amazed about Patanjani’ 8 limbs of Yoga. I am thinking why ancestor can be so wise to come out such great knowledge. It is including all the discipline when you are living in your life, I feel there is a link with our study of morality. For example, you know how to discipline yourself, good self control, and be selfless to help others, Be polite to treat others, put your effort to do something, try to be content and self learning etc. Don’t you agree these are the points we are learning every day?

In my opinion, it is telling us what is right and wrong, we have rules to follow and remind ourselves. This is the great part I like most. Every day, we are facing a lot of things in our daily life, we are happy with successful achievement, however, we will be sometimes down if you are under stress with your jobs or family problems. We are unhappy if children don’t achieve good grade in school and so on. All these positive or negative incidents form our life, happiness is chose by you, it does not come to you, so stay positive, and bring out all negative emotions to make your life more interesting and happy.