The Grand Plan

I’ve been thinking about my ‘retirement’ job for a while – all being well, we intend to ‘retire’ from corporate life in the next couple of years and enjoy ourselves – a ‘senior’ gap year or two! But we can’t travel the world forever (or can we ?!). Once we’re done with the round the world travel, I need something to keep me busy and bring in some pennies.

I’ve been thinking that this ‘something’ could be teaching yoga – not to regular practitioners, but to people who may feel intimidated by attending a yoga studio, who struggle with flexibility and whose quality of life starts getting impaired. I have my mother-in-law in my mind with this thought. She’s a young at heart, fun and playful 65+ year old. However due to a knee injury, she finds it hard to move or walk any distance; this has meant she’s put on weight, which then gets her into a vicious circle as she can’t lose weight as she finds it hard to do exercise, or move or walk any distance. This impacts her daily life, her decisions and her happiness – which then also impacts those close to her.

She would love to work out or try yoga, but doesn’t want to strip down to yoga clothes and go to an intimidating studio with ‘young skinny things in lycra’ as she would say. She would however consider a one-to-one yoga session in the comfort of her own home or a very private studio, where no-one apart from her teacher can see her. I know she’s not the only one in this position. I can probably teach my mother-in-law with my basic yoga understanding (thought I do currently live on the other side of the world!). However to teach her properly, and to teach other’s in a similar position, I need credibility, as well as the comfort that I actually do know what I’m talking about and can help rather than hinder! This is where the grand plan began.

After having moved to Singapore just over a year ago, I left corporate life after 20+ years of having successfully climbed up the career ladder (in the same company, albeit over 2 continents and multiple roles!) for a well needed career break. I’d been disillusioned with my corporate job and those around me in that world for a while – their increased negativity and tactics of ‘managing by fear’ started to bring me down and I realised that even though my personal life was great, my job made me miserable. This had started to rub off on me and I basically needed to get out.

Having done the same or similar things for so much of my life, day in, day out, I was not sure what I would do. Would I try another job straight away, or would I take some time out and chill out for a bit? OK, that answer was easy. You don’t get many opportunities to take a real break and do something you really want to do and this was mine. How should I spend this gift of time? I’ve always loved fitness and the gym; I’ve been a self confessed ‘gym bunny’ for years – doing everything from body pump, body combat to kick boxing! I started yoga more keenly around 5 years ago, predominantly to stretch out my body after a tough workout – flexibility in certain areas has always been an issue for me and my gym regime exacerbated these. Over the last few years, and as I managed to try different yoga classes and teachers, I realised that yoga too could give me the same ‘buzz’ that I got in the gym.

So my gift of time luckily managed to collide with my grand plan – while I have some time out for myself, why don’t I take advantage and get qualified as a yoga teacher? I may not use the qualification for a while, but the training will help with my own practice first – maybe I’ll improve my flexibility a bit, or even learn to nail some of those more tricky poses. The knowledge I gain will also help cement my future grand plan – maybe I can even send some videos to my mother-in-law to help her right now, or help my other half who constantly struggles with back pain……so here I am!



Lisa 🧘‍♀️