the inevitable sepanx



As cliche as it may seem, time flies fast when you’re having fun. Sad but true. YTT is coming to an end and slowly we are growing sepanx (separation anxiety) over it– or maybe it’s just me. lol 5 weeks flew by so fast and I cannot wrap my head around the fact that next Monday is the last day I will go to Telok Ayer at 7 in the morning, enter the studio, change and be on the mat by 8. (yes in that order). In those 5 days I have learned a lot from my teachers and my fellow classmates not just lessons from books and manuals but also their general perspective about life and living it.

Learning about yoga, its ways, postures and how to teach it is a totally different experience. We all get that feeling that we don’t wanna be students anymore because we’ve had enough of it since we were around 5 years old. I personally don’t wanna go back to studying because I grew up in an academically competitive environment and it stresses me out. But i never thought I’d love the feeling of being a student again. I just want to absorb and learn everything that I could without the pressure of maintaining a certain GPA. Theories became more interesting and for the first time in years, I have more motivation to learn about the musculoskeletal system, anatomy and physiology in general. I may have stressed out a little here and there but the teachers- Jessica and Nicole always told me that it’s just on my head.

Speaking of teachers, I cannot be thankful enough that I chose this course and train with them. Coming from a different country, it can be difficult to choose a good studio to do the YTT. But my gut tells me there is something about Yoga Mandala that makes me check them out. Alexis, the person i contacted first was very accommodating and though we haven’t met in person, and just exchanged emails, it seems like we’ve known each other.

Nicole, though we may have language some language barrier but she’s always so nice and during theory, we will just look at each other and we’d laugh. I learned a lot from her stories, experiences and insights on the different elements that comprises yoga. She maintains a safe environment of no judgment, pure fun and educational class. And I must admit I die at her facial expressions whenever she means something funny.

To Jessica, who spent most time with us teaching both theory and on poses is just the epitome of girl power. I learned so much not only about gaining physical strength but also having a flexible mind and a grounded soul. Not only did I learn about certain techniques but her life experiences are noteworthy that I will keep the lessons for the rest of my life. I realize that sometimes the teacher you need is not the one who goes by the book but also knows how to coast through life.

I cannot forget my classmates of course, I spent more time with Tiffany, Eunice, Joey, Janet and Kai and for the past 5 weeks we share a bond that previous batches may understand. We make assignments together, share thoughts together and we maintain an encouraging and uplifting aura. We celebrate each other’s breakthroughs, give advice on how to be better and we just laugh together for whatever reasons there may be. Also, we get sepanx together. We became closer and we will surely miss each other. But i can also wait to see what great things they can do after YTT.

Today, as I was walking home from the bus stop and thinking of the last blog, I came to realize that coming and doing the YTT here is worth every $$$. The things I’ve learned, the people I met and the memories made are more than worth it. I initially came here thinking I’d like to be teach yoga and make money out of it. That thought still holds true. Then I became aware that the lessons and guidance helped me not just to become good teacher but also a better individual. And for that, I am forever grateful.