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The journey to success begins with a single step

Jessica and Alexis seem to be more excited than we are of our own success. They cheer harder than we do ourselves, encourage us most when we feel discouraged, and they believe in us even though we don’t sometimes. And I thought, isn’t that essentially what teachers do? I hope I can become the kind of teacher who inspires her students. The same way Jessica and Alexis inspire us.

I used to hate arm balances so much because hello… 2 words. FACE. PLANT.

Jess’ advice? “Fall a few more times then no fear liao!” *flips table* But she’s right though.

After accomplishing my very first one, albeit an awkward one that looked more like a shrivelled up pretzel than what it was supposed to be- astavakrasana by the way- I have to admit I got hooked. I couldn’t stop trying them all. Crow, side crow, fallen angel, grasshopper, etc.

Initially, I couldn’t even kick my legs up over waist height. Don’t even mention inverting my legs to the ceiling. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the strength to, but because I’ve never believed I could. I was constantly afraid of falling, even with the wall at my back. It may sound a bit ridiculous, but there you have it. Aren’t our minds so powerful in that sense?

Yes, I’m still scared. But I’m also much better at it than when I first started.

Baby steps, baby steps. We can do this, we’ve got this.