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“The New Yorkers” (boon)

The second last week has started, it means we are approaching the end of the course which is great! However, it also means we are getting into deep sh*t now. Besides of remembering Sanskrit names for all the poses, doing adjustments for others, we even need to demonstrate poses for our fellow “students”. As much as we try to remember all these, we still have to be awared of our own facial expressions and body posture as we roam around the room.

It has been an overloaded week so far because it is just not easy to build all these blocks up together fast yet it has to stay firm. If I have to put my situation now into a song; Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys would probably best described us now. It may seems impossible but there’s really nothing we can’t do if we want to achieve something. Just like the meaning lie behind this song.

Dear Yoga Mandala’s Teachers, I salute to all of you. You’re my New Yorkers! So let the positive energy flows and we will sail through this storm together!!