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Estrina: The Permission to pause and slow down

Unknowingly, the past 7 years has been a rush. Rushing from appointments after appointments. Even while on holiday, it seems like the itinerary is always packed, to check off one location after another. I have always pride myself as someone who takes her holidays as a time to recharge and rejuvenate, not a fan of waking up early or rushing to tourist spots, I’d like to spend time at a location and soak up the atmosphere, read a book, have a nice cup of tea. But this cover-19 lock down, has made me realised I could slow down further (We can all slow down further). I can afford to spend time to reground, recollect my thoughts, reconnect with my feelings and to realign my goals in life.
I’m making effort to declutter these days, not just things, people but also opinions. The rising of social media has made it easy for everyone to have a voice. The danger of that is if discretion is not applied, the loudest voice would shout out as being the most ‘logical’ and that’s dangerous. Spiritual deception is a concept I’ve been made aware of recently, and that’s probably a separate topic for another day otherwise, this post would be like Rachel’s 18 page (front and back) letter to Ross 😀 I hope you’re a fan of friends. 
If anything else that yoga has taught me is that while you can be non-judgemental, you can still stand firm with your values.
2019 has been an interesting year, and leading up to the start of 2020, I had an entirely different plan of what I was going to do as of now. I’m still learning and getting used to the fact that life is full of surprises and we have to adapt. Definitely learning to make the best out of every situation, to curse and swear when needed, but to internalise whatever lessons there are and move on. It’s okay to have a change of plans. I had a completely different topic set for today’s blogpost, but I’m not feeling my best today, and I’m giving myself a free pass tonight to pause, digress and maybe come back to where I had meant to take off.
Taking time off tonight and just chilling with some of my fav things <3
Feb’20 Weekend YTT