The Power of a Teacher

When I signed up for the YTT, I was asked an important question, “Do you want to teach when you finish the YTT?” Although it was an obvious question, which I should have easily been able to answer, it wasn’t easy for me. In my view, it was a loaded question. Will I be good enough to teach? Will people listen to me? Do I have to be able to execute every pose perfectly to teach? It was a scary question – because it directly questioned my confidence.

In this YTT, I have learned so many valuable lessons about teaching because we have a wonderful example from the teachers we are currently learning from every day. Not only are they delivering information and teaching us the techniques we need to perform, but they are also cultivating confidence. With the supportive environment we experience every day and the multiple chances we get to “fail” now so we don’t make those mistakes later, they are building us into strong teachers.

It’s very empowering to impart knowledge on people. It’s exciting to learn something well enough to be able to explain it in detail. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that I know everything. That is far from the truth. But, our teachers say the same thing. It is a process – we should always be learning, always expanding our practice. In this YTT, I have been taught a valuable lesson – courage. So, now, instead of wondering IF I will teach when this course is over, I think WHEN?

-Patricia Makatsaria