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The Reality Hits (boon)

Last Friday; 08.03.19, the day where I feel the moment of reality hits. Teaching exam started. It is not my exam though, I was there as a student. Supporting my classmates while they taught.

It started of with Shirleen; our number 1 monotonous girl in the class. For some reasons, her tone of voice just made me at ease while practicing yoga yet did not sound boring. Second one was Shu Ping; the girl that can always instruct well and sounds confident, in a good way.

Then came Ana, tiny yet “spicy”. Having fun practising yoga under her led. Her smiling eyes just made us forget she can be a hard core teacher. So bare in mind, do not be mislead!

My last teacher of that day was Cindy; the girl that never fails to entertain us by making mistakes. When she is nervous she just tend to mix up the words and test us real hard in focusing our poses. However, it was such a joyful moment being led by her. I would love to practise yoga with her more often and I think I can only attend her “beginner” class.

Is ashamed that I missed Jade’s class. I still have chance next week though. Then I would have completed my physical and mental support to all my classmates. ??