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The sounds of yoga -Tannie, RYT200

Music usually have an effect on us, certain tunes come on and we feel something move within us. it makes us want to jump, doze off, cry etc.


I’ve learnt that the frequency and vibrations in sounds activates certain parts of our body. When people chant in yoga, it’s actually the repetition of a certain sound to wake a certain part of your body. I’ve always thought it is religious!


No wonder music makes us feel, because scientifically, the combination of the different frequencies and vibrations creates a certain rhythm  and that ‘activates’ certain parts of our body.


My wonderful teacher, Jessica, talked about singing bowls and very graciously took hers out and played for us. Aesthetically, it’s as pretty as can be, made of crystal and crystal produces the truest sound.


The way she held the mallet, the delicate movements, slow and luring, the mallet went around the bowl and very gently, the bowl emitted these haunting sounds.
It was like a dance, I was enchanted.


I wasn’t affected by the sounds but some of my YTT mates felt tightness in the chest, and some felt a headache came on. I was fascinated.


I read somewhere that silence helps us think and
music helps us feel. Perhaps a pretty great class would be one with silence, sounds, and movements combined.
Mind, heart and body, all in one


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