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The Subtle Transition from a Yoga Practitioner to a Yoga Teacher

Three months ago, in February 2021, I began my YTT as a total amateur in yoga. I had little to no knowledge on poses and their names. As we practiced Asanas in class, I had to rely heavily on instructions given, and looking around for reference of each pose. Even then, I didn’t get into certain poses as my body and mind couldn’t keep up. I was basically a lost sheep that followed the flock and being guided by a Shepard.

With each weekly session of practice, my mind could process more instructions and my body gradually making minute progressions for each pose. But it still seemed impossible to visualize myself teaching people.

But I found that the major leap forward was after understanding the Sanskrit translations to English, the why behind each instruction and the adjustments that teachers have to learn for students. All of these contributed to the insight of the poses, the flow and the practice itself. And I came to realize that the mind can adapt and do so much more than expected, the multi-tasking of teaching the Sanskrit/English pose name with instructions and the additional awareness of each student in the studio, is very much possible.

200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21