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There’s a time and place for everything – Kex (1/6)

I’ve always believed that there is a time and place for everything. That seasons change and one should just ride along with the flow of life.

I’ve wanted to go for YTT for years (it has been 10 years of practice), and finally the time has come. To think that the universe has intended for me to take up this course would seem too far-fetched. But truly, I couldn’t help but notice how events have lined up for me perfectly, allowing and enabling me to pursue this side passion of mine; Switch is closed for renovation for the month, MICappella and personal gigs are taking a backseat, I even consider my vocal problem as a blessing in disguise. I would not have dared dream of an alternative career option if I had not lost my voice.

So today was the first day of YTT.
I woke up early, I listened and absorbed everything like a sponge. I forgot what it feels like to be a student again. It was just so invigorating to be on the mat, to embark on this journey of self-discovery. Well I nearly slept during savasana, yawned a little too many times in the morning, but I felt good, energised.
I told myself I need to set my intention for the next 200 hours of practice.
At the core of it, I want to be able to conquer my fears and overcome both mental and physical limitations.
I want to, first and foremost, have a solid foundation for my asanas.
On a deeper level, I want to rid my mind of all the clutter. I want to open my heart and receive. No more closing of doors. I want to be free.
Yet in the process, I want to learn how to be kind to myself again.
I can’t wait to meet myself again after 200 hours of training.