Things that I’ve learn

Finally, this is the last few days of YTT course. I would like to share what have I learn in this course so far.

There is so much changes in mentally and physical over this 4 weeks. I am glad that I decided to join this course because it changes how I look at things, including myself.

  • Overcome doubt and fear

When I started practicing yoga, I’m scared of everything. I scared of falling, scared of being upside down.Fear can be a great teacher, I learn how to work with it , and now I’m still learning.

  • Listen to your body

I used to push myself even my body is screaming, I will ignore it and listen only to my competitive mindset. Yoga taught me to tune into my body gentle requests.

  • Don’t create unnecessary stress

On the pass 4 weeks, I feel I am not ready for a lot of things. I have expectation on myself. I wanted to make sure everything is perfect. I learn how to not be a “perfectionist”in my yoga journey.

  • It’s ok to fail

Try new things in life, allow yourself to fail. Without failure, how would you ever be able to know what you’re capable of?

  • Breath

Breathing helps me through all the hardest Asana poses. It also helps me navigate life whenever it feels difficult to conquer. Inhale & exhale, breathe through the moment.

  • Energy of the people surround me

To all the incredible teachers and friends in this course. The positive energy and Bhakti that we have as a class is the greatest gift I’ve received in this course. Let’s continue spread the positive energy to the people around us.


Lee Yan Hui ( ig: )