This is it! – 6/6 Roxane

12 weekends of practice and lessons, 3 classes taught, 1 whole minute of chaturanga (cries), lots of discussion on Chakras, anatomy, joints, muscles (argh!), and possibly over a hundred Surya Namaskars, this is it!! YTT is (unofficially) out! I can still hardly believe it. Is this really over? Are we really ready to head out into the unknown on our own? My answer is honestly a whole lot of no’s. Someone once told me we’ll never ever feel ready enough! But take the step anyway, because it will always be a journey, to explore and to learn.

These three months gave me much insight into yoga, mainly the non-asana aspects which I’ve wanted to learn. Meditation, Chakras, how our body works and how yoga affects it. It always seem that many people just want to do the asanas, get a sweat out and then they are out of the studio. So learning how yoga makes us feel so good is really mind opening. What we learned might just be the tip of the iceberg though, there’s still a whole lot to pick up and explore!

But really, the best experience of this YTT was the chance to meet likeminded people so determined to learn, to work hard and improve themselves, and so unselfish in sharing their knowledge. My classmate’s support and determination have been a source of motivation for me, especially when it comes to standing in front of everyone and teaching. And I’m so grateful to have the chance to be on this journey with them. (Love you peeps so much!!) Not forgetting our wonderful teachers for their guidance, willingness to share their knowledge, and also the best adjustments ever!

And so, this Yoga adventure continues~