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Val – Thoughts as YTT draws to a close

Thinking back to the start of July, I remember dreading the 3-month long commitment for YTT but it
literally whizzed by. We’re at the tail end of it, most of us having concluded our community classes and
we’re just a weekend away from the practical and theory assessments; it’s bittersweet.
Whilst I’m happy to soon have my weekends back, I fear that my practice may plateau without Jess’
guidance, reminders and encouragement, I fear falling back into bad habits and can’t help wondering
“what’s next?”. I wish that there was more of Jess to go around.
But on a happier note, I now have a bunch of new (well maybe not so new anymore) yoga friends (albeit
tons younger), newfound knowledge on alignment, sequencing and its application, a deeper practice – I
hope. So within me, I celebrate the small achievements that I have made in this short span of time and
be happy with the sweet.
Thank you Jessica, thank you Alexis and The Yoga Mandala, for this extremely satisfying (and sometimes
crazily stressful) journey and growth. Love you lots!