1/6: Tiffany New beginnings

After much contemplation, I’ve finally decided to take a leap of faith and signed up for my 200H YTT course with Yoga Mandala. Like most introductory classes, the first class was pretty manageable. Time passed by faster pretty quickly. It didn’t feel like I was spending 5 – 6 hours in class. The light hearted and fun filled style of the instructor played an important part in making the class more interactive and fun.

During the theory class, we talked about what yoga is to each individual and addressed the question of “what is yoga?”.

I learnt quite a few new stuff today. I knew that there has to be more to yoga than lulu lemon and downward dog. 😂We were briefly introduced to Yoga Sutra and a ffew yogis who shaped the different disciplines of yoga.

Unsurprisingly, after doing some research and digging deeper, some of them are related to each other. For example, Pattibhi Jols was Krishna’s student. I readthat he claimed to be Igyengar’s master. And Krishna happens to be Igyengar’s brother-in-law!

We also talked about how we started yoga and why we decided to take up YTT. All of us started yoga for different reasons. But I guess one of the common goal is that we want to deepen our yoga practice and have a better understanding of the mechanics and details of each pose.

Although it is just the first day of YTT, I feel like I am already learning a lot of new things about Yoga and this is just the beginning! Looking forward to 24 more days of YTT training! Namaste!