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TIME..oh time..

Time oh time, we’ve had such a love/hate relationship these past few years – wouldn’t you agree?

Sometimes there is too much of you which makes me wish for things to speed up a notch. Other times, there is too little of you which keeps me begging for more. The weirdest part of it all is that we know that time never disappears, it is always there, but all depends on how you treat it.

I want to connect my reasoning above to yoga and properly taking instructions. I find myself being an eager individual, at times a semi-listener. The eagerness within me will be too excited about achieving the end result in a yoga position, making me speed up and abandon the important step by step instructions. The end result? Well, falling over could be one of them, trying to kick up in a head stand – although control in all postures is crucial in yoga.

My lesson learned: take TIME, time to; listen, follow instructions properly. The end result: great success (hopefully).