Time Taken To Sequence A Class

To be honest, somehow I am spending at least 3 hours or more each time just trying to plan a sequence for a 1hr class. Haha. I’m really slow! I think I’m taking such a long time because there’s much to consider and do, like research on other existing postures, together with its alignments, and figure out how one posture will lead to the next seamlessly, what are the benefits of each posture and also be able to include variations to anticipate if there will be difficulties for the students intended for, or if students require a bit of a challenge, what variations can you give them. It’s not a bad thing though! I’m really enjoying the process, having fun and learning a lot along the way. I’d be at the computer one moment for research and the next moment I’m on the floor testing out an unfamiliar posture.

With practice and patience, perhaps someday soon I too would have an endless library of postures in my head, right at my fingertips, and hopefully cultivate super abilities to plan class sequences on the go! 🙂




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