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Transformation Since YTT

I have seen amazing transformation of myself since my 200hr YTT course. Starting from asanas, I am learning asanas in a completely different way. Instead of imitating asanas from yoga instructors, I started to understand an asana by its Sanskrit and instructions, thinking about the entry and exit of each asana, as well as feeling the body parts that I am supposed to engage. Extending that from class to my life, my life changed dramatically as well. I changed my habit of staying up late and waking up late, but to go sleep early and wake up early to enjoy the peacefulness in the early morning. I can be more focus in everything, such as doing programming at work, performing weight training at gym, as well as for my own asana/pranayama practices. I become calmer. Yoga stops me from worrying about my future which is of uncertainty, stops me from anxious about plenty of work which I must be faced with, stops me from judging people which helps me to discovered good characteristics of people. I am more generous, willing to give and share instead if holding everything for myself…There are more and more aspects for me to practice and improve. As for now, I have already realized that yoga is changing my life.

Ma Jiameng
RYT200 YTT February 2019 Weekend