I believe that once we re-balance our mind the rest will follow. Physical, energetic and emotional misalignments will become balanced and harmonised. The proper use of breath and focus are thus vital to still the mind for inner transformation, peace and growth. Yoga, meaning union, enables the balancing, harmonising and connecting the mind, emotions, physical body, energy body and soul.

The Mind

Whenever the mind gains more equanimity it is better able to operate in the present moment thereby enabling the living of life as it is. Thus it is easier to remain calm, focused and centred. As one lets go of negative and self-sabotaging thoughts including judgments, worries, pitying and so forth one is better able to attain clarity, focus, courage and determination to be the authentic self.

The Emotions

As the mind keeps transforming, so will the emotions and thus reducing volatility. Matters that perhaps once would create certain sensations within one’s being would reduce and perhaps even cease to exist once one deepens one’s transformation process.

The Body

On a physical level, as the various make-up of the body including the hormonal, chemical, muscular, organs, nervous system etc. are balanced the bodily vehicle becomes stronger and is thus better able to serve the soul. In order for the body to gain balance the intention and determination of the mind is required to affect the bodily changes.

The Energy

The energy body is affected by the mental and emotional state of a being. For instance, even if a person has balanced his/her chakras and energy field then this person can still be thrown into imbalance should he/she experience a change in his/her mental perception and thus emotional state Therefore, keeping a close eye on the workings of the mind is useful to keep a check on one’s energy field.

The Soul

As we keep unearthing the authentic self and live our life purpose we can deepen the connection with the divine within and the universe. Eventually, we can attain a state of oneness with all that is. It will thus become easier and easier to flow with life as it unfolds before us.

Thus, as all of the above aspects are interlinked we will automatically keep harmonise our entire being as we balance out any or multiple aspects of these through various techniques including yoga and meditation.