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Translating lessons from the mat into real life

This follows on from my last post about being patient about yoga poses.

I can safely say that I am less fussed about not being able to nail yoga poses because that I know with practice and patience, I will eventually get the pose.

Why can’t I translate this lesson to off the mat? How do I translate this to real life?

I have been feeling very down about my personal life as of late. Many things weren’t going the way that I wanted it to be, and I thought that I would be more successful than I presently am at the moment. I keep trying to force things to be a certain way when they aren’t meant to be. Like trying to bend a metal rod when it’s not meant to be bent.

I’ve learnt many lessons from my yoga practice, and now I need to learn how to apply them in the other non-yoga aspects of my life. I need to be patient and appreciative of where I presently am in my life, and not feel frustrated when things don’t work out the way I expected them to. I need to believe that there is a time and place for everything, and with hard work and diligence, good things will come my way.

Lyssetta, @yogi.lys