Understanding Meditation

Looking into meditation I have understood that by letting the mind ‘zen out’ you can release positive vibes and give your body a sense on inner peace.

Meditation – meaning to reflect upon or to let the mind ponder. By giving ourself the time and ability to meditate, it brings us to the state of visual and physical self realisation. When we let our body concentrate we can bring awareness to any pains our body is feeling (mentally or physically) and allows ourself to fix or think about why/how we feel this way. When coming out of meditation the body tends to feel refreshed and renewed helping us go by daily tasks with less worry and stress.

I have personally enjoyed my experiance with meditation, finding that I can release any worries and let my mind focus during meditation on a visual object (usually a crystal or a colour.) The colours that I have seen during meditation tends to be the colour purple and blue, which is related to the mind spiritually and usually associated with strong love emotion. After my meditation I feel renewed and my brain recharged to withhold more detail to physical and mental situations.

Happy Sunday… Namaste, Lydia.