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Up up!

Up, up!

I have never done a handstand in my life, despite 5 years of yoga practice. Nor a tripod, pincha, or headstand without the wall. Atleast not before i undertook YTT. I am by nature cautious, and i think all of you out there who have a fear of inversions would understand my reservations. I was always imagining fearsome scenes such as landing on my face or injuring my neck. But now i understand, as in yogic philosophy, you got to allow space in your body, your practice , your life and your mind. Practice images of you suceeding instead of falling; Think positive, and good things will come your way. Caution should be practiced, but should not be crippling. I finally did my first handstand (think protracted shoulder blades, tucked in tailbone, lean weight into your hands) in class a couple of weeks back under the watchful eyes of Jessica, and now her command Up Up! is ingrained in my mind. Never give up and Up Up you go!

Si Pei