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Val – Alignment and Adjustments 5/6

As part of YTT, we had to learn how to approach people, adjust them, to help them grow their practice.
When teaching pole fitness, those were objectives I similarly had and have been doing BUT having Jess
discuss it, the repercussions, the to-dos and don’t dos were so useful; I’ve added them to my databank
of skills acquired and am applying them in my pole classes too.
I now look at people (whilst they are practicing yoga) very differently and in a structured manner as
Jessica’s cues run through my mind. From feet to ankles, shin and calves, knees, thighs, hip sockets, back

(lower, middle, upper), tailbone, abs and ribs, collarbone, shoulder blades, shoulders, arms, neck and
right up to the head – there’s now like a mini sensor that I see running through the person’s body as I
seek the areas where I can cue and help the practitioner improve.
I love the deepening of this skill with my newfound knowledge, I like how I’m able to be more effective
at helping people and I love using it to remind myself of my own alignments and to be more efficient
and stronger when I’m practicing or executing moves and combos on the pole. Another major takeaway
from YTT!

July’19 Weekend YTT