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Val – YTT : Could I be more wrong! (2)

Been doing yoga for more than a decade and frequently asked “why don’t you do a Yoga Teacher Training course since you like it so much?” Other than the demands of family and a full-time job, it’s been in my mind (and I’m not even sure why) that YTT will have a religious slant, that I’ll have to make a trip to India, facing a serious yoga guru for 200 hours, lots of meditation and breathing techniques that I didn’t think I would ever practice/use, immense stage fright at teaching a class and, it’s such a daunting endeavor to embark on alone; so I just thought myself out of it by telling myself that practicing it will suffice.


Cue fast-forward button to 2019 when my pole pals jigged the dormant decade-long YTT thought in my mind. The stars were aligned — my children are now teenagers, I have company to brave this, The Yoga Mandala offered a weekend-only option, with the icing on the cake being arm balances and inversions. I do so want to nail that handstand off the wall!


And so YTT started first week of July and my world opened! I love that Jess is our Lead Trainer. She’s such a good teacher, an inspiring yogi and bestest, she’s hilarious. Week after week, though the stage fright remains a force to be conquered, I feel the inhibitions and apprehension of YTT ebbing, realizing how wrong I’ve been. I’m now learning so much about my own practice, correcting my bad habits, achieving more physically and mentally. Looking forward to more with Jess and The Yoga Mandala!