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“Vinyasa” (breathing)

I always thought “vinyasa” means “flow”. And vinyasa style has been my most favorite type of yoga

It was only during the first lesson in YTT when I was finally corrected.
The fundamental of a flow is the “breath”. It is essentially our breath that connects each yoga pose
to another, allowing us to flow in movement.

However, many times when we are struggling in a particular yoga pose, we are often distracted by
the intense physical experience, therefore neglecting our breaths and taking them for granted,
which eventually makes the pose even harder to achieve.

Coming from an academic background in psychology, I read that mindfulness is about bringing
attention to the internal and external experience of the present moment, with a nonjudgmental
acceptance to these experiences.

I thought this concept is very apt to the breathwork in yoga. Regardless of the physical intensity of
the poses or the thoughts that accompanied, I learnt to breathe into areas of tension, and stay
present without attaching strong emotions to these experiences. Awareness of my breath helps me
to stay grounded and guides my movement during the practice.

I especially like how “pranayama” means extension of life-force. The lengthening of our inhalation
and exhalation brings energy to our body to allow us to achieve much more. I remember Jessica
mention during one of our meditation practices that “the mind cannot be quiet, but it can be still”. It
is indeed a conscious effort to maintain stability, but having said that it is an effort on our part, it is
then a choice we can make, using what that is fundamental to life – our breaths.

I hope to extend my awareness of breathing into my daily life, to remember to breathe deeply
especially in times of distress or discomfort.

The world can be overwhelming, but it can do nothing to take away the choice of returning to our
own breaths, to ourselves.


200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21