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“Virabhadrasana” (stand)

Reason to embark on such a YTT journey?
That was the question that spurred our first conversations in class.
It has always been on my to-do list since few years ago, but I have never felt completely ready for it.
Am I not physically strong enough? How about those poses which I have yet to master? Am I even
confident to lead a class? These doubts hindered my decision to take that leap of faith.
My few years of yoga practice came to a point of stagnancy, not in the physical aspects but my
relationship with it. Attending weekly classes for a good workout or for a challenge with new peak
poses, this has become a routine in my lifestyle and continues to excite me. But often, I questioned
myself about the journey and where this journey will lead me to. For one thing I am certain about,
yoga has integrated deeply into my life, and forms part of my identity.
Perhaps one day I am able to share such joy with others in the practice and create influence?

I am thankful that was one of the first questions we were asked to reflect upon. It helps us to revisit
our intention so that we keep it in mind throughout the course and let that guide us during times of
self-doubt and despair.
Like in a warrior pose in yoga, stay grounded so we are ready to charge on.
So let’s stay grounded on our intention and identify as we take strides on the journey ahead.


200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21