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Natalia 6/6 Vishudda chakra

Vishudda is fifth chakra located in throat area,  the function of this chakra is expression and communication. Vishudda means “pure” and “purification “. This chakra element is sound. Sound is important instrument of communication and expression.

Singers or other voice artists have very balanced vishudda chakra. This people can clearly express their thoughts, to realize their ideas, wishes  and great orators.

  Those out of balance can also use their voice as a weapon to hurt another person by not speaking or by yelling, screaming, or crying.                           

Person with blocked vulishudda chakra have difficulties in communication, expressing their ideas. This people can  feel not appreciated it’s can make them angry, sad and jealous.

   To energize vishudda chakra can help few things like:

-Express yourself, trying to speak about something you are confident;

-begin process of deeper listening and ask questions;

-practice be in present, when others people speak;

-singing mantras or singing any songs;

-using chakra’s color blue. It’s can help stimulate fifths chakra.Meditating on blue color, can also help;

-to do yoga postures also can help to remove neck blocks : Camel (Ustrasana),  Plow (Halasana), Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana), Fish (Matsyasana), Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana).

Stay calm and healthy,  namaste!