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We All Have to Start Somewhere – Jane, RYT200

I had recently relocated to Singapore, and with 5 weeks of gardening leave in between jobs, it was obligatory to explore all ideas of how to enjoy one of life’s rarest events – “fun-employment” to the fullest. Perhaps an intensive language course, or solo-travel around South East Asia, or a YTT course? I almost gave up on the idea of doing YTT after calling at least 3 studios in Orchard enquiring about potential week day courses with no success. 


Just then, the Big Guy upstairs spoke “not so fast”. A Google Maps glitch led me to The Yoga Mandala just two weeks before the start of the Nov’22 Weekday batch (via a mishap of presenting the Yoga Mandala instead of the Mandala Club). 


Alexis had laid out the daily structure before day 1: 1 hour of Pranayama, 2 hours of drill and asanas, lunch followed by theory in the afternoon. But for a relative yoga newbie, I didn’t know what to expect. Frankly, my only thought was: wouldn’t it be nice to finally learn how to do the poses properly and stop wondering if I am doing it all wrong. And I’ve always been a nerd, so the idea of studying the theory of yoga sounded genuinely exciting. 


Spoiler alert, I was doing the asanas wrong, in fact they were so absurdly wrong that I bursted out laughing (rather hysterically) in downdog when Jess explained what we ought to be doing during our first class. But realising my downdog was more like a drowning dog was not the only thing I learnt about me, in fact, that doesn’t even make the top 10 list. So as I sit at Sarnies cafe just below The Yoga Mandala studio on the Monday morning of Week 4, please allow my self-indulgence in recounting just three things I learnt about me to end the blog: discipline. introversion and strength. 


Off to pranayama now – a new day and a new week had just begun. 🙂 



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