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Week 4. Reena (4/6)

it’s almost hump day of week 4!!!! and teaching week starts tomorrow!! time really flies and am really excited and scared at the same time!

so thankful and blessed to be able learnt so much the past few weeks:’) never thought i’d be anywhere near to sequencing classes but i did it!! also seeing all my friends around getting better at sequencing really just made me realise how far we’ve come since day 1:) everyday doesn’t feel like much but when we look back the difference is really huge. it’s pretty amazing to see how we become stronger physically and mentally. and also meditatively!! in our meditations every morning! and also our yoga nidra experience. which was pretty magical! truly felt the part of being physically asleep yet mindfully awake. it’s really a whole different feeling and it feels like your body is frozen, time is frozen, yet your mind is so aware of every details of the body. it’s powerful. and i guess in our everyday lives when we are always so busy and hustling and bustling we should all take time to enjoy the peace and serenity and the simplicity of just being. being present, being aware.

this week, we also learned a lot on different back problems and how to be able to help these issues through yoga. it’s amazing what

yoga does to and how it heals your body. importantly with every breath and every posture. i can honestly say these are things i’ll never learn if not for this YTT! jessica always reminds us how she’s not looking for perfection but progress and i guess this really applies to me. as a perfectionist growing up it’s really a struggle when i just can’t get stuff right the way i want it. going through this phase of YTT really helped me learn to be more flexible and quick to adapt to changes:)

though i may never perfect teaching a class, i just hope to keep learning and be better than i was yesterday. and to take each class as it is, to have fun and make sure my students have fun as well!

i’m excited for teaching week!!! maybe i’ll never be fully prepared but today i’m reminded i should just always be present:)