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Week 4

I cannot believe that it is already week 4! Where did all the time go? Today we got to choose our time slots for our community class next week. I think everybody had a mini panic attack because it feels like its way too soon! But I guess the best way to learn to teach is through teaching itself. I am so nervous yet excited, and I cant believe we are all going to teach a one hour class on our own next week!! In my previous career we call it the “first solo”, and it will always be a very precious memory no matter how many more lessons we teach in the future.
We started learning how to do adjustments for different asanas this week and it is really not as easy as it looks! It really takes a good multitasker to be able to remember your own sequence, give the instructions, identify and guide your students body into the correct poses , still addressing the whole class while adjusting one person, and also be aware of the time and of course maintaining safety. I now appreciate all the yoga teachers even more than before, they are amazing!!
Practicing adjustments in class makes me feel like Im starting to be a “real yoga teacher” . I dont even know what that means but it makes me feel really accomplished! I feel like I am one step closer, a little better.
I hope one day i will be good enough and I can impart my knowledge and skills to another individual and make him/her appreciate yoga the way Jessica made me to.
200 Hour YTT Jan’21