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Week 5: Joint Movements & Spinal Check

Over this past weekend, we learnt about the different kinds of movements that each major joint in our bodies offer. It was really interesting to be thinking about our body movements as a result of certain joint actions, let alone describe the entry to a pose by using individual joint movements.

Having done a variety of sports for a good 85% of my life thus far and stepping up to be a swimming coach and subsequently a pole dance instructor has helped me develop body awareness over the years. This newfound knowledge about joint movements is very useful and insightful for me in understanding the way our bodies move on a much deeper level and will aid me greating in my teaching for each of my sports.

Having been diagnosed with scoliosis since even before I entered primary school, I was always very aware of my body condition and could always tell when others had scoliosis as well. When I was in my secondary school cross country team, I had also been told that my left foot was pronated and my right was supinated; probably explains why I always fell down.. But I thought I was aware of the many problems my body had.

When Jessica did a spinal check on every one of us, I was amazed that I still found out something new that I have yet to discover about my body. Things I didn’t know about my body until this weekend:

1. My knees are hyperextended, left more than the right; this could be seen from the puffiness at the back of my knees.

2. My hips are slanted, which means my shorts are always slanted – not sure why I have never noticed that.

As we get on with our daily lives and activities, our bodies evolve continually as well. It is therefore important to know our bodies and be highly aware of the changes that our bodies may be going through.

200 Hour YTT Feb-May’21